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See how many dollars your campaigns earn and track everything with Google analytics, tag management, call and conversion tracking

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Keep track of what matters

Ditch confusing metrics and stay revenue focused. Receive updates from your personal AdWords manager on what they're doing, plus reports showing dollar-value-goals your campaigns earn.

Everything tracked

AdBoy uses your conversion value data to identify keywords, ad groups, and campaigns that show a high or low return on investment, in order to focus on what's profitable and fix what's not.

See how we calculate lead values See how we report online sales

See how we calculate lead value

Track Leads

Form submissions

AdBoy tags your form confirmation page. Every time someone clicks on your ads and submits a form, they're reported as a lead.

Phone calls

AdBoy replaces your number with a Google forwarding number. Every time someone clicks on your ads and dial the number directly from their phone, they're reported as a lead.

Calculate value *

Short-term value

Average sale revenue = $3,000
Leads that convert to a sale = 20%
Value per lead = $600
($3,000 x 20%)

Word-of-mouth value

Value from word-of-mouth = 115%
Value per lead = $690
($300 x 115%)

Total value from each is $690 in revenue

Show Return *

Form submission leads = 15
Phone call leads = 10
Total leads = 25

Ad spend = $1250
Value per lead = $690
Cost per lead = $50
($1250 / 25)
Return per lead = $1:$13.80
($690 / $50)

Return in revenue = $17,250
($690 x 25)

* This is a working example assuming the business spent $1250 on Advertising and earns $3000 in revenue from each each customer and 15% of their business is word of mouth

See how we report online sales

A dynamic value is one that could be different each time the same conversion happens. If you own an online store with a shopping cart, for example, one purchase conversion might be worth $20, while another is $250.

By having dynamic values assigned to your conversions, you'll be able to see the total value driven by your advertising across different conversions, rather than simply the number of conversions that have happened.

AdBoy makes your conversion values dynamic and tags your order confirmation page so that every time someone clicks on one of your ads and purchases online a sale is counted along with the price.

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