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Virtual assistants for businesses

Respond to customer requests automatically 24/7 and guide customers from initial contact to purchase

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Automate your business on Facebook messenger

Adboy.com is powering Facebook messenger with virtual assistants for businesses.

Your assistant can pre-populate the customer conversation with Facebook user profile data and can do all sorts of stuff like automate ecommerce, lead generation and customer support.

Improve your advertising

People can get to Adboy.com’s assistants directly from an ad click or a website if Facebook messenger is embedded so they play nice with advertising campaigns.

Enjoy the benefits

  • Happier customers: Serve customers faster and 24/7
  • More sales: Works better than email or phone
  • Big savings: Less customer service and sales staff hours required
  • Collect Data: Get details from customers you can follow up on automatically
  • Broadcast: Send multiple messages at once. Customize by location, age and more.

Make an Adboy.com assistant for your business

From the first and only Australian company to make virtual assistants
practical and available worldwide to SMBs

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